Xarki is located in the Axarquia district, a region in the south of Spain with a subtropical climate, ideal for avocado cultivation. This climatic feature makes the region the second largest European producer, with one hundred thousand tonnes annually.

Our geographic location, years of experience in both growing and marketing avocados and our commitment to innovation and quality, puts us in a privileged position in the market and allows us to offer a product of excellent quality.

We supply avocados 365 days a year. Thanks to our long business relationships with our Partners from different areas, we have the possibility of importing avocados from different regions, but always choosing a product of the highest quality.

Our Varieties

We grow and market the varieties Hass, Fuerte and Bacon under our brand name XARKI, which has a history of over 40 years. The brand PAQUI is of the same quality but its main focus is mangos.

Our main product is the avocado Hass, whose flesh is of an excellent colour and quality with a rough skin which is flexible and easy to peel. Due to the characteristics of the Axarquia climate, excellent results are obtained with this variety.

The quality of our avocados is endorsed by the certification ISO 90001:2000 and the auto check-up system of critical points APPCC.

Our speciality

From September to December
Bacon Variety
This variety comes into production the earliest, here in Spain, with the season starting in autumn. Oval-shaped, with a smooth skin and creamy flesh, it is less oily than other varieties.
From September to December
From September to January
Fuerte Variety
With an elongated shape and a smooth green skin, the Fuerte avocado does not change colour as it ripens. The skin yields slightly under gentle pressure when the fruit is ready for consumption.
From September to January
From December to July
Hass variety
This is the most well-known variety and also the most marketed. It has a hard, thick, rough skin and a yellow flesh whose taste is similar to dried fruit. Initially green, it matures to almost black when the fruit is ripe and ready to eat.
From December to July

Avocado Calendar

* SMOOTH: Smooth skin varieties: Fuerte and Bacon

Avocado: a healthy and nutritional food

Fats are the main component after water which give it a high calorific value. It has a low quantity of carbohydrate and even less protein.

With respect to the fat it contains, this is mostly monounsaturated; 72% of the total fat is oleic acid, characteristic of olive oil. It is rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium but low in sodium. There is a significant ammount of provitamin A, vitamin E and certain water-soluble vitamins from the vitamin B complex such as B6 or Pyridoxine which are important for the function of the nervous system.


It is used more as a vegetable than as a fruit. As it has no sweet flavour, it can be combined in numerous dishes or filled with ham, crab or vegetables. It is also eaten lightly cooked or as a puree. The flesh of the avocado is often used as if it were butter, once crushed and seasoned with oil and lemon. Guacamole is prepared with a base of crushed avocado, to which pepper, onions, spices, tomato and lemon juice are added.